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How to fold the Yogo Ultralight

We are so glad you asked! Lay the Ultralight down on the ground, with the straps side on the bottom. Now fold it in half the long way like a hot dog. Next fold it four times in the other direction and secure. Be sure to neatly line up the corners lik

Which Side Up?

The Yogo Ultralight has two different sides, and both are good for practice. One of them has smooth sticky rubber, and the other side is the same except you can see a little fabric woven through.  You can pick either side and as long as you stick wit

Care Instructions

We want to help ensure a long life for your mat! Here are the care instructions for our natural rubber yoga mats, and we’ve written them below as well. Be sure to follow these in order to not void the warranty!. Cleaning: the Ultras / Ultralights are


Yogo Mats are 99.9% latex-free. Latex is the liquid stuff that comes out of a tree-like sap, and it turns into rubber when it gets heated and turned into rubber.  However, there could be a tiny trace amount left so if you have a latex allergy, to be

Are The Rubber Mats Sticky?

Yes! The reviews are true, Yogo Ultralight mats are extremely sticky / grippy, and we’ve received an award from Yoga Journal for the sticky grip! The very high grip occurs naturally from the plant rubber. Nonetheless, in very sweaty yoga, like most m

Too Thin?

The Ultralights are thin mats, and that is a feature that allows them to pack up small! These mats are designed for that moment when a heavy big rolled mat is not convenient, and they are a complement to your regular thick mat. (Although some people

Is The Ultralight An Everyday Mat?

The Ultralight can absolutely be used for everyday yoga and not just travel!  Many of our customers get this for travel then start using it as their daily mat because it is so much stickier, cleaner, and convenient.  Give it a whirl and see, or check